BP Racing

A unique system for UK Racing that offers big profits at Betfair SP - No BOG accounts needed!

This is a very simple easy to follow service with bets released around 10am daily.

A 200 point bank is recommended


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After an impressive free trial BP Racing is now open to membership. Those wishing to join are offered an early discount of £15 for your first month (Normal monthly price £25 thereafter)

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"Morning mate, I'm a fan I have to say. I've been through a lot of services and I trialled a few more this month. You're definitely more professional and successful than most"



"Ben - decided to put £2 win at BSP on BP selections today with a view that if I made £15 profit would cover the first months subs. Toofi at BSP 16.13 today means a certain £15+ profit today so have signed up!!"



"The way that BP has performed today I was half expecting both selections to win."