USA Platinum Service

Formerly a group for high rollers of £50 a point and had a cost of £300 a month A recent change in the dynamic of the group now opens it for all.

This is a bet365 only service with tips sent at 6pm daily.

£75 will be the new monthly recurring fee which will secure your spot. 

For each point made in the group that month I will add £5 to the next months charge, which will cap at anything above 30 points.


Let me explain further below.

If we profit 25 points for the month, the price to join the group for next months selections will be £125.


That’s simply 25pts made, with the subscription going up £5 for each point profit.

Simply 25 x £5 = £125.

The cap of 30pts means anything above is bonus profit for you guys. This will allow those who don’t have the spare £75 upfront to win the money first before paying for next months group.


The max charge will be £150 (30 x £5 = £150).

Each group starts on the 1st of every month.


Those looking to be notified of upcoming openings for the pay per profit option please add your email below:


Any problems or questions get in touch:

or telegram @punter_uk